Honda Trimmers

Honda trimmers are designed with your comfort in mind.

Honda String Trimmers offer the same advantages as the rest of Honda's Lawn and Garden products thanks to four stroke engine technology. The products are highly fuel-efficient and use regular gas. That means there's no mixing of gas and oil! They run clean and quiet and exceed all EPA and CARB emission standards. They also have the unique advantage of having 360º engines: they can be used and rotated in any position.

String Trimmers are terrific tools for making pleasant and quick work of the job at hand.

Honda’s 4 stroke trimmers take on the tough jobs with ease.

Got heavy work to do? The HHT35SUKA is ready to go.

VersAttach® System – 1 Tool, 6 Tasks

Honda’s all new VersAttach® system is a versatile, user-friendly power tool. With 6 different attachments, it’s designed to take on a wide range of residential and commercial landscaping tasks.